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Box 13 July 2017 Tier 1 a $38.00 value

This month’s throw is from C3yoyodesign. This month’s throw is the Initiator in varying color ways. When we were talking to Walter about this month’s throw we found it to be a perfect fit. The tier 1 has been the hardest order to fill because of the price point so we chose the Initiator as a great sample of 2A throwing and put in a pair. The value of this box is over $38.00

Diameter: 58.62 mm / 2.31 inches
Width: Plastic Spacer 35.02 mm / 1.38 inches
Metal Spacer 35.97 mm / 1.42 inches
Gap Width: 2.70 mm / .11 inches
Weight: 53.25 grams
Bearing Size: Raider Bearing
Response: Starburst Response