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Box 43 Tier 1 January 2020

This month’s throw is from MrYoYoThrower himself- The $- by Rain City Skills.

Who other than Rain City Skills would make a bootleg of a dollar store yoyo? “The Dollar” is a design based off of the infamous Dollar Tree YoYo (head to for the history. In short, it was a playable, ball bearing yoyo sold at Dollar Tree for a buck each. While they were available, madness, modding and gifting ensued. 

You are receiving a special edition of the Dollar, wolorway made exclusively for TMT. 

MrYoYoThrower wanted a new beginner yoyo from RCS so he made enough to get them at an affordable price. The design comes unresponsive but has a responsive slim bearing to boot. The box also comes with some fun Lego snaps a holster, and bag.