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Box 51 Tier 2 November 2020

This month’s box is a bundle from Dif E Yo by way of YoYo Zeekio.  The Continuum is a beautifully shaped organic “O” yo-yo available in precious metal colorways. Combine this perfectly weighted body with Dif-e-Yo’s patented KonKave bearing design and you get a stable yo-yo that has insane spin times. You are getting one of 4 available colors randomly. Additionally you are getting 3 rando string packs from Twsietd Strings to balance out the box. 

The overall value of this month’s box is $62.00.



Material: Aluminum
Weight: 69 g
Diameter: 51 mm
Width: 40 mm
Gap: 4.2 mm
Bearing: Size C – Dif-e-Yo KonKave
Response: Silicone Sticker