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Box 55 Tier 3 March 2021

This month’s throw is from The Good Life.
The DGTZR (digitizer) is John Wolfe’s signature throw. Having a throw that’s nimble enough for 5a and stable enough for 1a was ultimately the goal. Taking notes from our previous designs we started prototyping, and a couple tries later we knew we had something good. weighing in at 66.8 grams the DGTZR is on the heavier side for a bimetal but moves quickly even through dense tricks. We find the added weight and shape give it that nice nimble feel for 5a, stability for 1a, and generally feels good in hand/ on throw when playing casually.

The value of this month’s box is $120.00

The DGTZR is quickly becoming a favorite for the team and can handle almost any style of play. We’re stoked to be working closely with John on his yoyo and get the DGTZR into more hands!


Width: 44.3 mm

Diameter: 54.55 mm

Weight: 66.8 grams

Bearing gap: 4.55 mm