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Box 57 Tier 2 May 2021

This month’s throw is from Thesis. The Hypothesis is a bimetal inspired by the Synthesis with a wider body to allow for even the most perplexing horizontal, speed, and slack combos to be hit with ease. Every cut, curve, color is made with the idea of creating a minimalist design that makes this yoyo just as suitable to be a competition yoyo or an art piece to add to your collection.

The ring fit is the first of its type and allows for the full edge of the yoyo to be comprised of SS rings. This design pushes an extreme amount of weigh to the rims, creating a stable yoyo that still feels easy to use on the string due to its light weight.

The colorway mix we were able to obtain was Mint Leaf, Blue Rasberry and Koi, included is a new marble based fidget from Blue Orange called the Loopy Looper (1 of 4 models). The overall value of the box is $81-86.00, please enjoy!


Weight: 64.1g
Width: 46.0mm
Diameter: 55.85mm
Gap Width: 4.8mm
Body Material: 6061 Aluminum
Rings: Stainless Stee