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Box 6 December 2016 Tier 3 $120.00 Value

The 2Sick Jester Exclusive YoYo

2SickYoYos is a small YoYo brand that makes high quality yoyos. They look to make amazing and unique colors that function as playable art! 2sickyoyos was started by Joey Serrano with the idea of bringing amazing playing yoyos to the yoyo community.
We approached Joey about this idea when we first started talking about the Monthly throw in early 2016. 2Sick was quick to jump on and offered and EXCLUSIVE throw just for us to get to our subscribers. The Jester is dedicated to a good friend of our’s who passed in 2015 who always wanted to make another throw that was as fun as he was.
55 mm
44 mm
Gap Width:
Weight:  65 grams
Bearing Size:  C Trac
Designed in: USA