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Box 65 Tier 1 January 2022

This month’s box was from YoYoFormula by way of YoYoSam (Thanks Mitch!). The J1 was designed as a flashy entry level responsive yo-yo, the YoYoFormula J1 features an anodized aluminum body for maximum durability and sleep time, wing shape for easy catches and each color has a unique pattern laser engraved into the rim for unmatched styling! 

To round out the box we have included a Bahama Kendama in various colors as well (with a HAT).  All Bahama Kendamas ship to you with the Ken and Tama pre-strung with the Tama on the spike. Each Bahama Kendama has a sticker of certificate of authenticity on the Ken.

Bahama Kendamas feature three cups of different sizes with the Bahama Kendama logo in the big cup for easy identification and orientation.

YoYoFormula J1

Weight: 65.5g/2.31oz
Width: 44mm/1.73in
Diameter: 58mm/2.29in
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Responsive Play


BK Original Solid Sepcs:
Material: Beech Wood
Weight (oz): 5
Length (in): 6.375
Handle to Tip
Length (in): 7.4
Handle to Tama
Tama (in): 2.375