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Box 67 Tier 3 March 2022

This month’s throw is from MonkeyfingeR.

The Gelada 2 is a fun casual high performance yoyo. The design keeps the same width, diameter, and weight as the original, with some other updates for modern play.  There’s a new bump around the response area to open up the profile, and the flow groove itself is now larger to allow for better and more consistent binds. The weight has been redistributed for better stability and longer spin times, this NEW timed exclusive colorway – Persistent Pressure. 

Diameter – 57mm
Width – 44mm
Gap Width – 4.5
Weight – 64.7 grams
Bearing Size – MonkeyfingeR Revolution (Tasmanian Tornado) Hybrid, Size C
Response – Monkey SNOT flowable Silicone
String – MonkeyfingeR Vines (ape hangers) 100% poly