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Box 8 February 2017 Tier 2 $60.00 Value

This KOKOnutz color was custom created just for this release, black to green acid wash captured inside vertical splashes and finished in orange.  You will only find this color on the Monthly Throw releases. BUT wait that’s not all, inside your box you’ll also get a pile of MonkeyfingeR stickers, our yo-yo polish called BUFF.  BUFF makes your colors shine on both your Yoyo’s and Begleri,  it also creates the perfect surface to perform grinds.  You’ll also receive and extra pack of Monkey CHORDS for when you wear out your Begleri cords.  Last you’ll get a package of our Ape Hangers yo-yo string, the reviewers love it and so should you.  We package them so they come out tangle free no more fighting with sorting out strings.
The new KOKOnutz design is the first to introduce adjustable weight system into the begleri world along with Bumperz, different colored rubber rings you can put on your begleri to reduce the damage taken when you drop them.