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Box 80 Tier 1 April 2023

APR 2023

This month’s throw is from YoYoFactory. The Loop 720 has been refined to amazing standards over the years and now the Evan Blast is the absolute best starter looping yoyo. Helping you progress from beginner to novice/advanced tricks with ease and consistency. The all-new body is built around precision components delivering consistent performance with relatively low maintenance (the use of YoYoFactory type 2 looping lube is recommended).

YoYo used by Shu Takada in America’s Got Talent

Diameter:  58.79 mm / 2.31 inches

Width: 33.90 mm / 1.33 inches

Gap Width: 1.95 mm / 0.08 inches

Weight: 50.9 grams

Bearing Spec: CBC Spec XS