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Box 83 Tier 1 July 2023

The CLYW Peak – Reimagined as a Luftverk “Injection Molded” plastic. Based on the original design from 2006 we created this return top as another chapter of the legendary Peak. In an attempt to preserve the original proportions in a lighter material, the shape has been scaled larger in every dimension. This also creates an incredible floaty feel. The highest quality is achieved by utilizing Luftverk’s Injection Machining Technology. This yoyo was developed not without its challenges. The unique shape pushes the limits of the Luftverk mold, with the Peak’s Iconic hub design maximizing the profile of the plastic blank. The entire pad area is also re-machined to accept the CLYW Snow Tire. All these obsessive details to preserve the iconic Peak feel meant this was the most challenging Luftverk plastic to date.

This month’s box value is  $40.00

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