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Box 85 Tier 3 September 2023

Centrifugal (motion). Continuing off of the success of our flagship YoYo – Perpetual (motion) we have stayed true to what we said we would do- never compromise aesthetics for performance and vice versa. In designing this YoYo we decided that “less is more.” We wanted a very smooth body with minimal cuts. From each angle you will be able to see the calculated and distinct cuts we wanted on this YoYo. We aren’t the first, or only company to use a dome in the cup, but we feel like this is a design aspect that truly catches your eye. Lastly something very unique to our YoYo is once again the rims. The large W shape has a very pronounced Inverted M shape on the end, which not only strengthens the SS rim and helps to keep from bending, but it also retains a “slimmer” feel in the hand without compromising any of the weight used to push on the outermost part of the YoYo.
We really think through each design to not only appeal to serious players, but to also give a timeless piece you could display on your shelf.
This is Motion.
Special Thanks to TMT Member Brian C for the hook up!
The Red/Black Fade we are calling Corliss’ Inferno! is an TMT exclusive.

This month’s box value is  $120.00