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Box 87 Tier 2 November 2023



This month’s box (very late box, so very sorry) is from CLYW. I’ve been featuring CLYW a bit this year as their releases have been stunning and consistent. The lateness is totally my fault but with holidays and shipping it’s been a messy one.

It’s small but WIDE, it’s a pocket throw for people with weird pockets, it’s the gentlest of all tiny aquatic mammals, it’s the Minitee! The story of this yoyo is very simple: we thought an undersized Manatee would be hilarious. Riccardo agreed. We scaled it down, kept as much width as possible, tweaked the weight distribution to keep it from getting speed wobbles, and then set it loose upon the world. The prototypes made us giggle for a week straight. Also included is one LOG!

This month’s box value is 

Diameter: 43.98 mm / 1.73 inches
Width: 50.13 mm / 1.97 inches
Gap Width: 4.15 mm / 0.16 inches
Weight: 66.02 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: CLYW Snow Tires
Designed In: Canada
Machined In: China