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Box 90 Tier 2 February 2024

Announcing the latest collaboration between MK1yoyos and Spinworthy – presenting the Harbinger, a modern responsive slayer!

Just in time for the Modern Responsive March, the Harbinger is the result of a partnership between MK1 Yoyos and Spinworthy Yoyos, seamlessly combining the performance of aluminum with the classic allure of modern-responsive yoyo play.

Derived from Spinworthy’s timeless wooden Harbinger model, this design is meticulously crafted for extended spin times, flawless execution of string tricks, and a consistently smooth and responsive play. Equipped with an MR85 bearing, the Harbinger strikes the perfect balance of gap space, enabling throwers to effortlessly attempt challenging responsive maneuvers while responding promptly to a simple tug.

A genuine 0A player, the Harbinger deserves a spot in every collector’s arsenal!

Harbinger Specifications:


Diameter: 58.50 mm / 2.30 inches
Width: 32.80 mm / 1.29 inches
Gap Width: 2.35 mm / 0.09 inches
Weight: 47.50 grams
Bearing Size: MR85 Bearing
Response: RBC Pads
Material: 6061 Aluminium Alloy
Designed in:
Released: March 2024