International Tier

$165.00 every 3 months



The International Tier includes Tier 1-3 Throws @$55 per month + Quarterly S&H

This will ship altogether at the Tier 3 Shipping dates (March, June, September, December) order for each quarter.

The Ultimate level subscription and the ultimate value, each Tier 4 month is a value of $30 then $60 then $120 in products including Yoyo’s, string, lube, bearings and more could be included pending the shipment that quarter. Each International Tier is a guaranteed value of at least $30 then $60 then $120 and they will ship once quarterly to reduce the shipping costs for our international customers .

The minimum required length of this subscription is 1 cycle (3 months), and must be renewed in 3 month intervals.
This averages out the total value over the three month period.

International Tier shipping is once per quarter so you get all throws for the year!

Shipping& Handling is dependent upon where you live.

Canada – $25.00
Asia, Australia, India – $30.00
France, England, Europe in general – $30.00


Additional information

Weight 1.55 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in